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I want to create custom JAAS authentication where my users and principals relationships are defined in JPA as shown:

class AuthUser

public class AuthUser implements Serializable {

    // own properties
    private int uid;

    private String name;

    // Join classes
    private Set<AuthPrincipal> principals;

class AuthPrincipal

public class AuthPrincipal implements Serializable {

    // Defining roles
    public enum Principal {

    private Principal principal;

    @ManyToMany(mappedBy = "principals")
    private Set<AuthUser> users;

Maps to the following Table definition

Table authprincipal
PRINCIPAL        varchar(255) PK

Table authuser
UID              int(11)      PK
EMAIL            varchar(255)
NAME             varchar(255)
PASSWORD         varchar(255)

Table authuser_authprincipal
users_UID            int(11)      PK
principals_PRINCIPAL varchar(255) PK

Now, I created a JSF file from which I call an action method that calls this one:

    public void createUser(AuthUser newUser) throws UserNameExistsException, UserEmailExistsException {
    AuthPrincipal role = authRoleFacade.find(AuthPrincipal.Principal.AUTHUSER);
    if( role == null ){
        role = new AuthPrincipal();
    addPrincipalToUser(newUser, role);

The actual problem I can create the first user. But I can't create the second user . Notice that at the second user I use the existing role object, and only cascade a merge operation.

The strangest thing is that it says it duplicates the 2-AUTHUSER key where 2 is the id of the new user so cannot already be in the database. What is wrong with it or with Eclipselink or with Me?

The error what eclipselink throws

Internal Exception: com.mysql.jdbc.exceptions.jdbc4.MySQLIntegrityConstraintViolationException: Duplicate entry '2-AUTHUSER' for key 'PRIMARY'
Error Code: 1062
        bind => [2 parameters bound]
Query: DataModifyQuery(name="principals" sql="INSERT INTO AUTHUSER_AUTHPRINCIPAL (principals_PRINCIPAL, users_UID) VALUES (?, ?)")
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Was my fault, ... posting the answer of my question right now. –  illEatYourPuppies Jul 3 '11 at 11:01

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This was all My fault. I was not careful enough :)

1) The problem occured because of my fault, though, I don't know why the error log talked about user id 2 when I only had one user, but i'm gonna tell a possible reason

The problem was: I wanted to persist an already persisted user. In my @SessionScoped @ManagedBean I created an AuthUser in the constructor. In the first registration it got persisted but I did not create a fresh one. When I wanted to register the next one what my program actually did was: changed the username, email and password of the already persisted AuthUser and wanted to persist it again.

Back to 1) I can imagine when I called persist the second time, Eclipselink actually persisted my Entity updating the user id to 2 in both the AuthUser table and the join table. Afterwards because I defined the Merge operation on AuthUser.principals, it wanted to update again the join table and that's when it messed up. If I had looked closely to the generated Queries in the log file, I think I could have figured it out myself.

I got the hint here: http://www.eclipse.org/forums/index.php/m/692056/#msg_692056

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