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Im trying to put together a script that allows me to display links dynamically on my site.

I have 2 tables. The first one, domains can have two values per row. These being, domId and domain. The next table, links can contain a few values per row, the ones im working with here are domId(matches the domId of the domains table) desc and `link'.

Here is my query so far:

$linkQuery2 = 'SELECT `link`,`desc`,`domId` 
                 FROM `links` 
                WHERE `catId`="'.$pageCat.'" 
                   && (`modId`="1" || modId="'.$pageModel.'") 
             ORDER BY `domainId` ASC 
                LIMIT ' . $from . ', ' . $max_results2;    

Here is the code that im using to display the info i need:

$linkLoop2 = '';
$linkAd = $row['link'];
$linkDesc = stripslashes($row['desc']);
$linkDomain = stripslashes($row['id']);
$linkLoop = '<ul class="bymodel-dllinks">';
$linkLoop2 .= '<li><a href="'.$linkAd.'" target="_tab">'.$linkDesc.' '.$linkDomain.'</a></li>';
$linkLoop3 = '</ul>';

What I am trying to do is find a way so that when $linkDomain is echo'd it will display the text i have stored in the domain field on the domains table. Currently when $linkDomain is echo'd, it will display 303, which is the domId of the site i will be linking to.

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Will you accept one of the answers? – Kerrek SB Jul 3 '11 at 0:45
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Use Join to select domain name from domainstable :

$linkQuery2 = 'SELECT,l.desc,l.domId,d.domain
             FROM links l LEFT JOIN domains d ON d.domid = l.domid
            WHERE l.catId="'.$pageCat.'" 
               && (l.modId="1" || l.modId="'.$pageModel.'") 
         ORDER BY l.domainId ASC 
            LIMIT ' . $from . ', ' . $max_results2;
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$linkQuery2 = 'SELECT , l.desc , l.domId , d.domain FROM links l LEFT JOIN domains d ON d.domId = l.domId WHERE l.catId="'.$pageCat.'" && (l.modId="1" || l.modId="'.$pageModel.'") ORDER BY d.domain ASC LIMIT ' . $from . ', ' . $max_results2.' '; Thank you my friend, I owe you the hair i have left on my head :) – Craig van Tonder Jul 3 '11 at 7:34
Your welcome!:D – Hamid Seyyedi Jul 3 '11 at 7:47

Add the domain column to your select statement.

$linkQuery2 = 'SELECT `link`,`desc`,`domId`,`domain`
             FROM `links` 
            WHERE `catId`="'.$pageCat.'" 
               && (`modId`="1" || modId="'.$pageModel.'") 
         ORDER BY `domainId` ASC 
            LIMIT ' . $from . ', ' . $max_results2;

Change $linkDomain to

$linkDomain = stripslashes($row['domain']);
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Mior - The domain column is stored in another table on the same database, domains I did it this was so that there will be less room for error, I will only need to enter the domain name once. Here is the error i get when applying those changes Unknown column 'domain' in 'field list' this is because domain is not a column in the links table? – Craig van Tonder Jul 2 '11 at 17:55
My apologies. I didn't notice you hadn't already joined with this table. See Hamid's answer below :) – Michael Mior Jul 2 '11 at 19:58
Thank you in anycase, Its now working perfectly! I am so excited :) The change in $linkDomain did definately help! – Craig van Tonder Jul 3 '11 at 7:47

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