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I am having a problem to trigger a repository clone of googlecode project.

I keep receiving the following error:

Started by user anonymous $ hg clone --rev default " " "F:\Hudson\jobs\project Demostration project\workspace" abort: certificate error: certificate is for *,, *, *, (use --insecure to connect insecurely) ERROR: Failed to clone. --template {node}

Anyone know on how to tell jenkins it is safe to use that certificate? In what textbox do you place --insecure option

enter image description here

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That's a relatively new command line option (1.8.3 I think) to get around a relatively new practice of actually checking certificates (1.8.2 I think). It's likely not exposed in the Jenkins UI. Some things you could do to work around it:

  • put the server's cert's fingerprint in a whitelist in your (Jenkin's user's) hgrc
  • wrap Mercurial in a quick shell script that passes --insecure
  • clone from the non-https version of the google URL (I think they still allow that)
  • configure the CACerts for Mercurial either globally (/etc/mercurial/hgrc) or in the Jenkins user's ~/.hgrc

Any of those should work and most of them are explained here:

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