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Applications built on top of the NetBeans platform have a <myappdir>/etc/<myapp>.conf file determining, among other things, application JVM parameters. Historically, this file was a part of the NetBeans IDE installation (as far as I could tell), but starting with NB 6.9, custom files are now supported.

I am having trouble packaging a custom configuration file using Maven to build the application.

I imagine the app.conf property should have been set in the project's pom under project/build/pluginManagement/plugins like so:


The maven module representing my application contained no prior source, so I created the src/main/nbm folder and placed myapp.conf in src/main/nbm. This isn't picked up by nbm-maven-plugin. and putting the conf file into src/main/resources doesn't make a difference.

So, can anyone explain how a NetBeans Platform application with a custom configuration file can be built using maven?


With Tim's prod in the right direction, I found the answer documented on Geertjan's blog. The solution is to configure the nbm-maven-plugin like so in the application module pom:


BTW, if you need a second name with Geertjan, you're not really a NetBeans platform developer. ;)

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agree 100% with the Geertjan comment, his blog is a treasure trove of NetBeans platform information. Also don't forget the NetBeans Platform Developer Mailing List - – Tim Sparg Jul 4 '11 at 19:35
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Have a look at the documentation of the nbm:cluster-app plugin, specifically the part on the conf file.

As per my understanding that should allow you to replace the default one with a custom one that you create.

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