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I have problem with inflections. I created a model SentSms and a controller for it called SentSmsesController. It doesn't work properly so I've tried use Inflector::rules

Inflector::rules('plural', array(
    'rules' => array('/^(sms)$/i' => '\1es'),
    'irregular' => array('sms' => 'smses')

Inflector::rules('singular', array(
    'rules' => array('/^(sms)es$/i' => '\1'),
    'irregular' => array('smses' => 'sms')

But it did not help.

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I'm not too familiar with custom inflections, but looks like your rules look for an exact match of "sms". Since your model is called "SentSms" it'll never match the custom rules. Try removing the ^ character (start of line) from the regex or use the full name of your model.

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