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In the following matlab code,

random_numbers = randn(1,1000);
for i=1:length(random_numbers)
if random_numbers(i) > 2.0
extracted(j) = random_numbers(i);
j = j + 1;
save 'sample1' extracted

we get the following error:

??? error ==> save
Unable to write file sample1: permission denied.

error ==> test at 9
save 'sample1' extracted 

Please advise.

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A permission denied error would suggest that you are trying to save to a directory to which you do not have write permission. Since you have specified just a base name for the filename, save will try to save the MAT-file to the current working directory, which you can determine by running the command pwd. You can also check the permissions of the current directory by running

[success, message] = fileattrib

and inspecting the UserWrite field of the returned message.

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I have the same problem. This can be fixed by changing the current directory. Use pwd to check the current diretory

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Try this instead:

save('sample1', 'extracted');


save sample1 extracted
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