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I have a sortable ListBox in my application that contains a series of items with a DisplayOrder property. The items are initially sorted by DisplayOrder, but the user can reorder them by dragging and dropping.

I set the initial sort order by setting the ItemsSource of the ListBox to a CollectionViewSource with my SortDescription.

After a drag and drop operation occurs, how do I update the DisplayOrder property of the affected items?

Is this something I do in the event handlers for my drop operation, or is there a way of binding the index of the ListBox to my DisplayOrder property?

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I handled this in the code behind of the xaml file. I passed the event action to my view model and then performed the actions in code and let the INotify update the UI with the new order.


ChangedEvent (button click / drag drop / whatever)


View Model

   int newLocation = myList.IndexOf(SelectedItem); 
   int oldLocation = SelectedItem.DisplayOrder; 
   UpdateDisplayOrders(oldLocation, newLocation);

private void UpdateDisplayOrders(int oldlocation, int newlocation, object myitem)
   // Do move logic here

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