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I have a sample webpage I'm testing various jQuery calls with JSONP to my WCF Service.

I call the JSONP like this, cross-domain by the way:

$.getJSON("http://myserver:port/GetNowPlayingJson?method=?", getNowPlayingResponse);

And in my callback function (getNowPlayingResponse), something simple to update the page html:

$("#lblNowPlaying").text(data.FormattedArtistTitle + " - " + data.RemainingTime);

My JSONP calls work just fine on:

  • Firefox 4
  • IE9
  • Chrome 12
  • iPad2 4.3.3

But not on iPhone 3GS 4.1

I can see the data transfer status indicator in the iPhone status bar come up briefly when I try to make the call, but the callback never gets fired on the iPhone.

I don't have any other devices to test on at the moment.

Any ideas? Is this a security thing for iPhone?

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Upgrading the iPhone firmware to 4.3.3 fixed the issue.

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