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I'm working on QT application where the user will enter their information into several QLineEdits. They then will click son a Submit button. I would like a QMessageBox to appear asking if they would like to confirm their information(OK) or cancel. I want the messagebox to show the information they entered so that they can check to see if it's accurate. Here's my code so far:

QString infoStr = (ui->lastEdit->text() + ", " + ui->firstEdit->text() + "\n" + ui->addressEdit->text() + "\n" + ui->cityEdit->text() + ", " + ui->stateBox->currentText() + " " + ui->zipEdit->text());

switch( QMessageBox::question(

                           QMessageBox::Ok |
                           QMessageBox::Cancel ))
                 case QMessageBox::Ok:
                   QMessageBox::information(this, "OK", "Confirmed");
                 case QMessageBox::Cancel:

I'm new to QT and C++. Anything suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

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[a bit offtopic] Having an "OK/Cancel" dialog for confirmation is generally a bad design. A more proper solution is Undo. You do not want to interrupt the normal flow. Besides, people just hit OK without reading anyway (well-established fact), so there is no benefit to the dialog anyway. –  MSalters Jul 4 '11 at 11:44

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You should read a proper book on C++. For this, you just need to pass the string as the argument, translating is probably not what you want to happen, and & is just a syntax error:

    this, tr("Confirm"), infoStr, QMessageBox::Ok | QMessageBox::Cancel
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Thanks! That answers it for me. I knew it was something stupid I was doing. Like I said, I'm new to C++. Thanks again. –  Dylan Jul 3 '11 at 0:10

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