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I use auto-completion mode which is not inbuilt. good but not the best IMO. So I was wondering is there inbuilt generic plugins for completion in emacs like you see in IDEs.

to name,
hippie expansion

I think these two are different from auto-completion mode kind which I am looking for.

I like to extend one of any completion system to support a scripting language which I use regularly for scientific data visualization.

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There is CEDET package in GNU Emacs starting from version 23, but it slightly outdated, and it's better to use CEDET from its repository. I have an article on setting and use CEDET from repository.

Why don't you want to use external packages? With new packaging system in GNU Emacs (package.el) and with things, like el-get, it's very easy to install new packages into GNU Emacs...

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thanks for the reply. what are the languages CEDET will support. is it easy to extend?. please see my edit of the Question. –  kindahero Jul 3 '11 at 12:58
my interest is of completion rather than project management. –  kindahero Jul 3 '11 at 13:10
look into official documentation on how to add support for new language - –  Alex Ott Jul 3 '11 at 14:56

As a C programmer I tried I read an interview where the CEDET author said that this is actually better because it hooks directly into gcc. However its quite a hassle to install gccsense because I had to compile a modified gcc. Once this package is included in distributions I would use it.

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there is rudimentary support for code completion using clang/LLVM in the fresh CEDET... –  Alex Ott Jul 4 '11 at 13:07

CEDET's autocompletion is the only drop-down completion package provided in core Emacs. The core in-place completion packages are hippie-expand and dabbrev.

The primary non-core packages which provide drop-down completion are auto-complete and company; the former appears to be the most popular these days.

There's also anything, which is an interactive completion package. While it doesn't provide drop-down completion at the cursor position, the way it works is really rather nice, so it's worth investigating.

With a bit of tweaking, dabbrev and hippie-expand can be a lot more effective than you might expect, but if you want something more visual and interactive, my advice is to look beyond the core packages and go for auto-complete or perhaps anything.

(For what it's worth, I use both hippie-expand and auto-complete myself.)

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@steve. thanks for the reply. Infact your emacs.d repo helped me to start enjoy emacs experience. Special thanks to you. I am using auto-complete right now, wanted to extend(please see my edit) that for the language I use. So asked this question to select the suitable/best choice. I will check out anything –  kindahero Jul 3 '11 at 13:06

You may also want to try out predictive mode. While not exactly a code completion package, it comes close to it by predicting your frequently used words, which in a coding platform is definitely a limited vocabulary.

The emacs wiki has a good explanation too.

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