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I've successfully created some test pages using the Fancybox library.

However, when I try to integrate the library into the main site, instead of opening up an image in the modal window, it opens it in a separate tab/window/page.

The successful empty test is here:

To get to the one that doesn't work, you need to go to:, then search for Bern. Then click on the icon for a restaurant, and then click on the small grey square in the info area on the left of the screen. When you click that, you'll see that it opens up a large grey square in a new page instead of in the modal window.

I hope i've been specific enough.

Thanks Kash.

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When you bind the Fancybox to a#single_image in base2.js, you're doing it on page load when there aren't any occurances of it. Later the element is created when a marker is clicked, so nothing is bound. The $.live() function of jQuery will bind on page load, but also bind any future matches through AJAX calls or whatever. This answer should help get $.live() working with Fancybox.

Hope that helps

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Thanks for the link Tak, and also explaining what the problem was. I simply replaced: $(document).ready(function() { with" $(document).ajaxStop(function() { – Kash. Jul 3 '11 at 0:41

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