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I'd like to use HTML5's placeholder attribute (You can see it in cation in the newsletter at Thought Results). But when I use older browsers, of course, they don't render anything. I can use JavaScript to imitate it, but then, I shouldn't use it and it's done the old way. How can I have both HTML5 placeholder attribute, and at the same time simulate it for older browsers?

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You can detect if a browser supports the attribute:


function supports_input_placeholder() {
    var i = document.createElement('input');
    return 'placeholder' in i;

If it does, do nothing. If it doesn't, you can use JS to grab the placeholder value and then insert it into the field as you see fit (perhaps as default value) and then add the appropriate interactions to simulate the HTML5 placeholder behaviors.

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This worked. I just didn't understand the return 'placeholder' in i; part. What it technically does? What it means? –  Saeed Neamati Jul 3 '11 at 5:46
The in operator tests if an object (in this case a HTMLInputElement object) has a given property. Since browsers that implement the placeholder attribute also add the placeholder property to the HTMLInputElement interface, this is an effective test of support for placeholder. –  Domenic Jul 3 '11 at 5:53
@Diogo your edit is an entirely new answer. Instead of editing this answer, please create a new one. –  DA. Aug 31 '12 at 17:02
@Diogo crap. I guess not. Odd that the system doesn't save that as well. –  DA. Aug 31 '12 at 17:32

@marcgg wrote a great JQuery placeholder plugin that basically replicates the placeholder functionality for those browsers that don't support it.


I searched through a lot of placeholder plugins before settling on this one and it works great so far. Originally found it in response to this similar question:

What is the best HTML5 placeholder -like jQuery plugin out there?

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I recommend using Modernizr to detect this feature.

if (Modernizr.input.placeholder) {
  // your placeholder text should already be visible!
} else {
  // no placeholder support :(
  // fall back to a scripted solution

If you're not interested in using this library you could use the following the code.

function supports_input_placeholder() {
    var i = document.createElement('input');
    return 'placeholder' in i;

Regarding to fallback support, if you're using jQuery you could use Simple Placeholder, which had its origin here at StackOverflow.

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