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I am using flunet nhibernate and in a many to many relation I need to have key column for the table between these two entities

  HasManyToMany(p => p.Signers)

 public partial class PersonnelDocument 
private IList<Position> _signers;
 virtual public IList<Position> Signers
            if (_signers == null)
                _signers = new List<Position>();

            return _signers;
            _signers = value;

the created table just consist of these two columns:PersonnelDocumentId,PositionId but I need a column Id for this connector table "PersonnelDocumentSigner"

how exactly I can assign it?

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link-tables like your PersonnelDocumentSigner normally dont need an Id column because PersonnelDocumentId and PositionId together are the Id/Primary key. If you still want to have additional Data in the linking Table you should Create a new Entity.

class PersonnelDocumentSigner
    public virtual PersonnelDocument Document { get; set; }
    public virtual Position Signer { get; set; }

    public virtual int Id { get; set; }
    // additional Properties

class PersonnelDocumentSignerMap : ClassMap<PersonnelDocumentSigner>

        .KeyReference(pds => pds.Document)
        .KeyReference(pds => pds.Signer);

    Map(pds => pds.Id);
    // additional Mapps
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