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How can I get a generic cx ID for using the custom search API in Python?

From what I have read I understand that this cx ID is for certain sites only(when creating a custom search engine it asks me for specific sites), but I want it to search on google, so I can get the first 3-5 results from a google-search.

So I want to search on GOOGLE using Custom Search API, I already got a Developer Key, I just need to find how can I get an cx ID for searching on google, not a personal site, or something like that.


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Solved: Go to your Custom Search Engine -> Control Panel -> Basics -> Search references -> check: Search the entire web but emphasize included sites. – Paul Jul 3 '11 at 16:55

here you can find the cx id look for My search engines then choose from the list

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When you select your engine, there is a button Search engine ID right of Details. This is cx. – Borzh Oct 20 '15 at 12:09
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Solved: Go to your Custom Search Engine -> Edit Search Engine -> Basics -> Sites to Search -> select: Search the entire web but emphasize included sites.

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On the Custom Search wizard,it's true that you will be asked to choose some sites, but you are allowed to use wild cards, so you can type *.edu, *.org, ... so your search can be very large!

I quote what the wizard tells me on URL's formatting (sorry , in french!):
"Formatage des URL

Pages individuelles : si vous indiquez, seule la page mypage.html est incluse sur
Sites entiers : si vous indiquez*, toutes les pages de sont incluses.
Parties de sites : vous pouvez utiliser des caractères génériques pour inclure uniquement certaines parties d'un site. Par exemple,*about* permet d'inclure uniquement les fichiers sur contenant about dans leur nom.
Domaines entiers : vous pouvez également spécifier un domaine entier en utilisant * Si vous indiquez, le système le convertit automatiquement en **. Si ce n'est pas ce que vous voulez, vous pouvez revenir en arrière dans le panneau de configuration.
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this isn't a cure all because it doesn't work for .com: "Invalid website: *.com" – ILI4S K4RIM Jul 3 '12 at 14:18

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