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var statements=[];
        '(SELECT a.category, a.id,a.country,a.region,a.rajons,a.town AS town_id,img.t_0, img.main, mt.town, mp.pagasts, mp.pagasts_id, c.link_ AS link'
        +' FROM ads a'
                +' INNER JOIN categories c ON a.category = c.cat_id'
                +' RIGHT JOIN (SELECT t_0,main,ad_id FROM images ORDER BY main DESC) AS img ON a.id = img.ad_id'
                +' LEFT JOIN map_regions mr ON a.region = mr.region_id'
                +' LEFT JOIN map_towns mt ON a.town = mt.town_id'
                +' LEFT JOIN map_pagasts mp ON a.pagasts = mp.pagasts_id'
            +' WHERE a.region='+i
                +' AND a.department !=9'
                +' AND (a.town > 0 OR a.pagasts > 0)'
                +' AND a.charged=1'
            +' GROUP BY a.id'
            +' ORDER BY a.id DESC LIMIT 5)'

statements.join(' UNION ALL ')

This is the main moment in the query:

WHERE a.region='+i



Is it possible to do it some other way, without UNION ALL?

Thanks ;)

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You'd be more likely to get some help by giving info on the tables you use in your query. Unrelated, I'm not sure what good your RIGHT JOIN is when you use ads in your WHERE clause and in the ON conditions of each of your LEFT JOINs... –  jswolf19 Jul 3 '11 at 12:17
RIGHT JOIN tells mysql to pick only rows with images. Basically query sounds like that: Pick fields FROM advertisements, join ads categories, only if there are images relates to selected ads rows, sort images by main image flag so that main would be first, join locations and pick 5 advertisements from each region where at least town or district is in present –  Somebody Jul 3 '11 at 20:46
RIGHT JOIN says a row in the table to the right is required but a row in the table to the left is not. However, your WHERE causes the table on the left to be required, so there should be no difference between using a RIGHT JOIN and an INNER JOIN here. –  jswolf19 Jul 3 '11 at 23:07
That's right. Images table is linked by advertisement id, i'm saying mysql to pick only rows which are linked with images. –  Somebody Jul 4 '11 at 9:00
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