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I installed Symfony, sfDoctrineGuardUser and sfForkedDoctrineApplyPlugin, but i dont know what i neen enter to routing.yml.

In documentation


is only:

You can modify URL's for the sfApply module's action. To do that, simply add this options to your app.yml file:

      apply: /user/new
      reset: /user/password-reset
      resetRequest: /user/reset-request
      resetCancel: /user/reset-cancel
      validate: /user/confirm/:validate
      settings: /user/settings

    afterLogin: after_login_route
    after: after_route
  # as a fallback we use old options too:
    afterLogin: after_login_route
    after: after_route

but dont write what need enter to routing.yml andi have error:

The route "after_route" does not exist.


The route "after_login_route" does not exist.

what i must there entered?

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Do these two routes (after_route and after_login_route) currently exist in your routing.yml? These two clearly need to be existing routes. –  Tom Jul 5 '11 at 13:21

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Replace "after_code" to your default index module and append /index. I use welcome/index for example. It redirects the user after the login to that page.

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