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Is it possible in html/javascript to return the html code of a page?

I have an html page, and i would like to, by a click on a input[type=button], open the source code of the page.

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window.location = "view-source:" + window.location.href;

That should work fine in Firefox and Chrome. It won't work in Internet Explorer though. Another option is to use the outerHTML property:

var source = document.documentElement.outerHTML;

And that should work fine in most browsers. To get that open in a new window, you could do something like this:

var sourceWindow = window.open();
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Interesting idea! All I can think of is:

For Chrome: try opening the url "view-source:[original url]" in another tab. Might work.

Or to be fancy, use php or ajax to copy the html into a txt file and link to that? Or display it in a block or something...

Or tell the user to press ctrl+U?

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