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I'm new in Android programming and I want to find how to store data from json in sqlite for android.I didn't find any useful examples of it in internet,that's why I'm asking here.If you show me a simple example of it I will be very happy.Thanks a lot!

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Create a model class that has the properties of your JSON model.

Create a constructor in your model that accepts an org.json.JSONObject (Search the android developers reference).

In the constructor, read the values of the JSONObject to your properties with for example the methods String optString() and int optInt().

You can also use ORMLite for Android to save the object to SQLite. You can find working examples here:


You will need to import the ormlite-core and ormlite-android .jar libraries in your Android project.


ORMlite works fast and has convenient access methods. I have used it multiple times in my projects.

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can you explain how to use this –  Jabbir Basha Nov 20 '12 at 4:12

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