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I moved our code (web programming) to Win 7 from Win XP. All the thing were nearly the same, Old System (It works for few years) Win XP / Tomcat 5.5 / MySQL 5.0 / MySQL Adminstrator & Query Brower / JDBC 5.0

New System Win 7 / Tomcat 5.5 / MySQL 5.5 / Workbench CE 5.2 / JDBC 5.0

Using Workbench to create user without password same as old one, but I got the below error, Access denied for user 'jytsd'@'localhost' (using password: NO)

I has checked many times about the user info, but found nothing. Could anyone tell me what's wrong here?

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Yes, don't connect that way. Use the type IV JDBC connector for MySQL. Put it in the Tomcat 7 /lib directory and configure your data source and JNDI lookup like this:


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Hi, Thanks! JDBC 5.0, I means Connector/J which should be Type IV. I followed your suggestion, installing Tomcat 7, most update connector/J. But, it didn't work. Finally, I added password to the user, then I got the connection. I'm not sure whether it's the key point. Anyway, it works! Thanks again! Honson –  Honson Jul 4 '11 at 15:29

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