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See the picture below. In my application (with MapView) usage, I would like to use such default markers (but with different background colors - red, green and yellow) and balloons. Where can I find these images & balloon code?

google maps screen

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Those should be in the Google Maps APK as ressource files. Since Google Maps is a proprietary app, you might not be allowed to use these. I recommend creating similar ones by yourself.

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In Eclipse: Window->OpenPerspective->DDMS. Go to FileExplorer tab, find the system->app->Maps.apk and click "Pull a file from the device"(small icon on top). Now, you can simple unzip this apk file(or just explore it with Total Comander) and get what you want in res folder. Хуй знает, если правильно выразился, но ты меня понял.

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Спасибо, Ghedeon. I'll try this. –  LA_ Jul 25 '11 at 5:10
+1 - Thanks, one small hint for windows users. After copying the .apk close the DDMS. Else you can't open the APK content. –  Ben Groot Jul 27 '11 at 14:46

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