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Can anyone recommend a good component for reading PDFs from .Net? Specifically, I want to read all the metadata of the document, including all the document properties (title, author, etc.). I really don't need to read the actual content of the document.

Commercial products are fine.

I read about PDFBox (for Java), but that seems painful. I've also been to this page, but nothing great jumped out at me.

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What about iTextSharp? As far as I know its the definitive pdf library.

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It's pretty good at writing them, but last time I checked not so much at reading. –  Joel Coehoorn Mar 17 '09 at 23:28

Docotic.Pdf library (I work for the company) may be used to accomplish the task.

Here is sample code:

using (PdfDocument document = new PdfDocument("file.pdf"))
    string author = document.Info.Author;
    string subject = document.Info.Subject;
    string title = document.Info.Title;
    string keywords = document.Info.Keywords;
    // ...

Beyond that the library can do many other things. There are samples for common tasks available online.

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For .Net there is the PDF Lib (current version 1.3). It looks fine (but i've not tested it yet).

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Have you looked at ABC.pdf? It definitely does was you want, reading pdf document properties - see here

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You could look at CoherentPDF.

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I would like to recommend Amyuni PDF Creator ActiveX, a PDF editor ActiveX control (32 bit and 64 bit versions are available) and Amyuni PDF Creator .Net.
Disclaimer: I am part of the development team of this product.

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