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How can we delete all the records from a table in DELPHI? we are not allowed to use loop like this:

for k:=1 to table1.recordcount do

is there any solutions?

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What kind of table? BDE TTable? ADO Table? dbExpress? –  Warren P Jul 3 '11 at 17:16

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The best way to accomplish it with a SQL database is to perform the delete directly on the server, without moving a client side cursor. Your way you end up to issue several DELETE commands, one for each record, when a single DELETE command can delete all records at once.

Even better, some databases has a TRUNCATE command (that's Oracle, but there can be an equivalent command for other DBs) that can empty a whole table without generating rollback data, which usually is faster and requires less resources on the server - as long as you are sure you don't need to rollback the command later.

If the database is not a SQL database, the documentation will tell you which is the best way to empty its tables.

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You could use a Query component (TQuery or TAdoQuery or TSQLQuery), set its SQL.Text property to Delete From <TableName> and then use Query.ExecSQL (instead of Query.Open).

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How about Table1.EmptyTable?

Or, less efficiently:

while table1.recordcount <> 0 do
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+1 for EmptyTable. –  Warren P Jul 3 '11 at 17:16

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