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I'm using QtCreator and I got two projects, each with an own PRO file.
The Viewer is a normal Qt app. The other one, let's call it Utilities, is supposed to be a static library which is used in the Viewer.

However when I compile and run the Viewer (everything compiles fine), I get an error message telling me Utilities.dll was not found.

This is the first part of the PRO-file for Utilities:

QT       -= core gui

TARGET = Utilities
CONFIG += staticlib warn_on $$(QMAKESPEC)

Shouldn't it work that way?

Why is it compiling the Utilities.a file fine but asking me for the DLL at runtime? It's supposed to be a static library :(
Since I did not specify some needed libraries in, it apparently did not link as you'd expect for a static library.

My platform is W7-x64, latest Qt SDK and MingW 4.4 bundled with it. Hope anyone can help :/


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The CONFIG += staticlib request your target library to be a static lib not the entire dependency chain ... I am pretty sure your .a lib will require mingw dlls to run ...

If you want to reduce dependencies try the MSVC tool chain (Qt provide pre-compiled package for that) you will end with one or two mandatory dll dependencies. Or you can link again static mingw SDK (you will probably have to build it your-self ...).

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