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I am trying dynamic create a proxy, so im pleying with Emit. So when I set my field with emit I also need to set a isDirty field boolan to true.

How can I do that ?

Property Customer
    this.customerName = value;
    this.isDirty = true;

emit code:

 FieldBuilder isDirtyField = myTypeBuilder.DefineField("isDirty", typeof(bool), FieldAttributes.Private);                                                              

// Define the "set" accessor method for CustomerName.
            MethodBuilder custNameSetPropMthdBldr =
                                           new Type[] { typeof(string) });

        ILGenerator custNameSetIL = custNameSetPropMthdBldr.GetILGenerator();

        custNameSetIL.Emit(OpCodes.Stfld, customerNameBldr);

            custNameSetIL.EmitWriteLine("Start isDirty");
            ... do stuf here
            custNameSetIL.EmitWriteLine("End isDirty");


This code is working, as long im not trying to do the isDirty field, having spent the weekend on this, im trying to get some help in this forum. thx

// dennis

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I believe that the sequence of IL instructions you want will be

custNameSetIL.Emit(OpCodes.Ldarg_0);     // load this
custNameSetIL.Emit(OpCodes.Ldc_I4_1);            // load true (same as integer 1)
custNameSetIL.Emit(OpCodes.Stfld, isDirtyField); // store into isDirty
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This works, thx I have over the code here, and simple set method in emit code, can you tell me, why I need to load THIS. When I count, what I think is on the stack, i end op with a This item on the stack, or do I ? Why do I need to load this, Do I need to do it all the time I need to do someting ? –  Dennis Larsen Jul 11 '11 at 12:33
@Dennis - if you were writing C#, you'd have something like this.isDirty = true;. In IL, it's the same: since you are setting an instance property, you need to indicate which instance you are operating on. The Stfld operand will pop both the instance and the value off of the stack when setting the field, so you won't end up with your this instance still on the stack. –  kvb Jul 11 '11 at 13:37
Thx for the clarification, its not easy to do this low level code, but I am getting better at it, as I wrap my brain around this why of coding. –  Dennis Larsen Jul 16 '11 at 20:41

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