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I'm looking for an application and service for online web annotation with further storing the annotated pages to desktop application, which is able to read and edit the pages and associated notes offline. The combination must have:

  • cross-linking between the pages (should also work offline)
  • synchronize the database between desktops, also between different users (Dropbox is fine, export-import is not)
  • cross-platform (at least Mac OS X and Windows)

nice to have

  • share pages online
  • open format of stored pages and notes
  • interface to emacs
  • work in chrome/chromium

Basically I'd like to make notes on a webpage from chromium, then save it as complete html with my notes, and then read/edit saved html page and the notes.

I tried to use Evernote, but it has no annotation features, html editing is not good, sync between different desktop users only by export-import (you cannot simply put evernote database to Dropbox and use it from there). Can anybody suggest a good alternative?

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I am using Evernote and have essentially the same problem. Searching around reveals lots of tools. See for example the lists:

The most interesting to me seemed:

However they are not completely free which may or may not be a problem.

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thanks a lot, I'll check the lists. concerning two last services: they do not not have desktop version, to work with notes offline is essential for me. –  zeliboba Aug 15 '11 at 20:14

You seem to have missed the fundamentals of how the Evernote storage model works.

sync beween desktops only by export-import

No, it syncs through the Internet - I use it on two different Windows laptops, OS/X, iPhone and iPad which all have offline copies of the notes. I've also occasionally used the Web interface.

I have used Evernote desktop as my primary file transfer mechanism at times when I haven't been able to fire up a different comms client and had a file too big to email.

Agreed the rich content editor is a bit thin. Editing on the iPhone and iPad is also restricted to plain text editing only at present, although you can include photos and audio recordings in notes - I use it heavily for brainstorming aloud on my iPhone. It allows you to append plain text comments on an iOS device to a rich note, you just can't edit in context.

I've also taken a PDF out of Evernote on the iPad, used GoodReader to add markup and then put it back.

They recently added a note linking feature where, once a note has been synched back to the server, you can get a note URL and paste it into another note (think of it as needing to save the note to the database to get a unique ID for the link). Whilst you can't add these links in the iPad version they still work to lookup notes.

With regards to annotation, are you looking to add notes with your web clippings in the same document or as some kind of layer on top?

It's certainly easy to include your own additions editing inside a note.

I use Chrome as my primary Windows browser and can guarantee the clipper works well in there including allowing adding your own comments to a note at the time you clip.

I'm not an Emacs guy. The API is highly scriptable so you might be able to do something with it, there's a separate Web API that might also be useful.

I'm a major fan, although as a user of wikis for many years there are features I hope are still coming. I've been pretty impressed with their steady improvement of the client apps so far.

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the question was not really clear about the sync: by "synchronize between desktops" I mean "synchronize databases between desktops", which also imply ease of transferring the pages with notes to another computer regardless if the user is the same or not. I changed the question to make it more clear. Concerning the rest: I used evernote quite a lot and know it's pros and cons, it simply does not fit for my purpose, but thank you for the input. –  zeliboba Jul 4 '11 at 10:29

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