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How can i select Ajax Dropdown suggestion list item using selenium code for firefox??

My problem is :the Ajax dropdown list is visible but it is not selected and next steps gets stuck. May be selenium is waiting for something.

the list that page populates is dynamic and in bla bla tags. Please help with a example code. How can i use waitfor* here. Remember i am not using firefox ide but i am writing a code. Please help.

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i am little confused with your question at " :the Ajax dropdown list is visible but it is not selected "

this sounds like that the element is disabled. (Java coding)

if so selenium.isElementDisabled()

if not then,

1) programming laguage solution using while loop and isElementPresent() OR isElementDisabled()

 //trigger the Ajax request and then
long initialTime = System.currentTimeMillis(); 

 }while((!selenium.isElementPresent("AjaxElement")) && (System.getCurrentTimeMillis() - initialTime <= 5000)) ;

//some thing like above for client programming solution...but for,

2) selenium's inbuilt solution

we have a method called waitForCondition("java script to be executed", "time out value"); this method loops the javascript statement until it returns true or the supplied time out occurs

here the important thing is analyzing the application/Ajax element to find out which particular condition of the element changes.

from your explation my guess is this, display=none will be changed to display=block OR disabled=true will be changed to disabled=false OR isReadOnly will be changed to no such attribute ect.....(you need to figure out this)

and then, use this attribute = value to build a javascript function as ,

selenium.waitForCondition("window.document.getElementById('AJAX ELEMENT').disabled == 'false'", "3000");

you can work out the above statement however you want in your programming language.

try {
//do the action which triggers the Ajax call
  selenium.waitForCondition("window.document.getElementById('AJAX ELEMENT[drop down element]').disabled == 'false'", "3000");
  selenium.waitForCondition("window.document.getElementById('AJAX ELEMENT').disabled == 'false'", "3000");
catch(SeleniumException se) 
  if((se.getMessage()).toLowerCase().contains("timed out")
    throw //..some a custom exception however your organisation requires
selenium.select("drop down element id", "option id");

and so on.....

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