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I have a personal project I've been working on in my spare time. It's far from complete, but I want feedback on the UI and the functionality that has made it in so far. Where is a good location to get useful feedback without being persecuted for the post being unrelated to the site's purpose?

The project is a website. I'm not posting a link so people don't think this is spam. Will add a link if comments so request.

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I would recommend asking for a review of your site on Hacker News. This site was created and maintained by Paul Graham who also founded Y Combinator, a company focused on helping startups in their early stages. As a result, Hacker News is read by a community heavily focused on anything startup-related and, therefore, are very receptive to critiquing and reviewing new sites.

When you submit your review request, you probably should word the title of your post as such:

Ask HN: please review my site [my site]

and describe a bit of its intent.

(Here is a recent example: Ask HN: Review my newest site)

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I think the Business of Software forums are a good place for this.

Joel on Software discussions

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I would also suggest you to add a feedback form with content highlighting feature to your website.

All the functionality requires a change of only 1 line of HTML.

Content Highlighting feature will allow your users to select exactly what they want to describe or point to against a feedback message.

Rich Feedback Analytics will help you to understand what your users want from your service.

Hope this helps.

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