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I have the following Object:

public class Constraint {
int id;

String name;
String description;
String path;
int level;

Constraint parent;

Set<Constraint> children;

ConstraintType type; }

As you see this table represents a tree structure. Having the functions:

public List<Constraint> getAllDescendantsOfConstraint(Integer id) {
    StringBuilder sb = new StringBuilder(); 
    sb.append("WITH RECURSIVE tree as "); 
    sb.append("( "); 
    sb.append(" select * from constraints where id = :id "); 
    sb.append(" union all "); 
    sb.append(" select a.* from constraints a, tree b where a.parent_id = "); 
    sb.append(") "); 
    sb.append("select * from tree where id <> :id ");

    Query q = entityManager.createNativeQuery(sb.toString(), Constraint.class);
    q.setParameter("id", id);
    return (List<Constraint>) q.getResultList();
public void setupPaths() {
    Query q = entityManager.createQuery("from Constraint", Constraint.class);
    List<Constraint> constraints = (List<Constraint>) q.getResultList();

    for(Constraint c : constraints) {
        List<Constraint> descendants = getAllDescendantsOfConstraint(c.getId());
        for(Constraint d : descendants) {
            String tpath;
            if((tpath = d.getPath()) == null || d.getPath().equals(""))
                tpath = String.valueOf(c.getId());
                tpath = d.getPath() + "." + String.valueOf(c.getId());

If a call setupPaths i get a "detached entity passed to persist exception". If instead of entityManager.persist(d); i do :

d = entityManager.merge(d);

Nothing happens (the data is not saved in the db). If a call flush, i get detached entity passed to persist exception as well. I suspect it has something to do with me not eagerly loading the parent or children?

edit: After further testing since the above seems really fishy, it seems that every entity i get from entityManager, no matter how i get it (either with em.find(MyObject.class,id or any kind of queries) it is detached right after fetching! I see that from calling


which always returns false. The problem is that i use the exact same setup on other spring projects with the same database server and it's wroking fine.

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After (finally) turning debug info for Hibernate on i saw that the EntityManager was closing the session right after fetch which was wrong since i was using @Transactional annotation. Finally it seems that was a problem with STS (springsource toolsuite) and spring configuration, particularly:

<tx:annotation-driven mode="aspectj" transaction-manager="transactionManager"/>

This supposedly witht the correct maven setup


should take care of compile-time weaving but something went wrong. I was using plugin 1.2, when i changed that to 1.3.1 it magically worked.

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