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I'm having problems to create a equivalent slideDown for xuijs.

The slideUp (hide) is easily done with


but there seem to be no way to revert back to original height using tween.

$x('elm').setStyle('height','auto !important');

works fine but no animation of course,

x$('elm').tween({height:'auto !important'});

does not work. (setting height to fixed value does however, but that's not an option).

Kind of stuck here, document.getElementById('target_box').clientHeight doesn't help either once the height is set to 0 by tween or setStyle. Only solution I can think of is storing the heights in an array before initial global collapse of divs.

thankful for any help.

(the divs affected uses overflow: hidden)



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If you're using html5 Why not store the height as a data- attribute before you call tween?

 'slideUp' : function(){
    this = this[0];
 'slideDown' : function(){   
     this = this[0];   

this code is untested, but it's worth a shot.

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thanks for post, will try later, please se zepto-comment above. – user247245 Apr 16 '12 at 10:13

Not sure if you have solved this but I got a solution. Pretty sure there are better ways but this seemed to do the trick.

emile.js and xui animation needing double click?

uses emile instead of tween but sure you could change it if you want however emile.js is in xui.

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Thanks for post but I found zepto which work otb,… – user247245 Apr 16 '12 at 10:12

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