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Last week I started developing a CI web app. Since then I've realised I'm repeating my code quite a bit in regards to handling adding, deleting and updating rows in my database - eg model functions such as 'delete_invoice', 'delete_user' and 'delete_job' etc.. they all essentially do the same thing - delete a row in a database.

So does anyone know: a) Is it a good idea to just use a common method to do that stuff for me? b) Are there any good libraries / helpers or whatever out there for CI. I'd rather go for a more standard/stable library over something full of crazy features.

Thanks! John.

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This is a very comprehensive CRUD basemodel class for codeigniter:


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You can use grocery crud, it's simple, stable and has many features such as relation 1-n and n-n relation, uploading files, automatic fields, callback functions and many more. You can view the user guide and download it at


It's really easy to write to this library and it doesn't need to copy again and again, similar code, similar models, similar views, similar JavaScript, CSS etc. You can program easily with few line of codes, for example :



and that's it!

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John, I use a BaseModel class with one method, save and all my classes have and status attribute that will store what is going to happen with that object and another one to store its database, for instance:

User is going to be deleted, the status is "delete" and I send that user object to the BaseModel save function that will check for status:

     case "delete":
         //delete call
     case "update":

That works fine for my projects =)

Hope it helps

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Both good answers, but being lazy I thought I'd just re-use what that other guy linked to. This makes a lot of sense really, I ought to do things this way a bit more. –  John Hunt Jul 4 '11 at 4:43

This might fall into the "something full of crazy features" category but the DataMapper ORM Library for CodeIgniter is worth a look. It seems to cover some of the same ground as Jamie Rumbelow's base model, with added ORM goodness.


Personally I tend to use one or the other methods depending on the projects needs.

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Just in case you want a separate back-end CRUD module, look at this:

CRUDDER: http://librerias.logicas.org/crudder/

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