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I made a password generator app that works well, but I want to update it so it can save passwords. I want to have one tab where the user sees the generated passwords and has the option to save one of them, and another tab with the saved passwords. I looked at the tutorials, but I don't like how you have to make a separate activity for each tab. I've used tabs to create WPF applications using XAML and C#, where I just have to use the TabControl and TabItem in the XAML code. Is it possible to do something similar to this?

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You don't have to create a separate activity for each tab.. You do, however, have to have a layout for each tab. You need a TabHost, a TabWidget, and a FrameLayout. The TabWidget and FrameLayout have to be children of the TabHost, and they also have to have specific ID's assigned to them. The TabWidget has to have the ID of The FrameLayout has to have the ID of Any Views or Layouts you want to be displayed (for any part of the TabHost) have to be added to the FrameLayout. THEN you need to create a TabSpec that links everything together. It looks sorta like this (progmatically)..

TabHost host = new TabHost(context);
TabWidget widget = new TabWidget(context);
FrameLayout frame = new FrameLayout(context);
host.setup();  //must be called when defining a tabhost outside of a tabactivity, iirc..
TabSpec spec;
do {
    spec = host.newTabSpec(uniqueStringReference);
} while (you have tabs to add);
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A have a few questions. If I have a TabHost, TabWidget, and FrameLayout already in the main.xml file, couldn't I use findViewById( instead of creating new objects? Then I don't think I would have to add the views to the frame or the widget and frame to the TabHost. Also, what is the uniqueStringReference? – Pat Needham Jul 4 '11 at 2:17
Sorry about the late response.. I'm sure you could use findViewById .. I have not used XML for much, personally - I prefer to do most of my with code so I can use values for the view calculated off the dimensions of the screen. But what you say would probably work. The uniqueStringReference, I believe, is anything you want it to be .. as long as it's unique. It's something you use (kinda like an ID for a view) for a reference for the tab if you need to get to it. At least, I believe that's what it's purpose is. I haven't looked at the API in a little while. – Joishi Bodio Jul 7 '11 at 2:56

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