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Here's the loop

 function List($input) 
{   //I'm sure there's a better way of doing this... 
    $list =  simplexml_load_string($input);
    foreach($list->nation as $nation){
        foreach($nation->region as $region){
            $temp['url']=  (string)$region['url']; 
            $temp['name'] = (string)$region['name']; 
            $temp['nation'] = (string)$nation['name'];
            $out['regions'][] = $temp;              
        $temp['url'] = (string)$nation['url'];
        $temp['name'] = (string)$nation['name'];
        $out['nations'][] = $temp;
    return $out;        

Sample Data:

<?xml version="1.0"?>
  <nation url="canada" name="Canada" >
    <region url="abbotsford" name="Abbotsford" />
    <region url="barrie" name="Barrie" />
    <region url="brantford" name="Brantford" />
    <region url="calgary" name="Calgary" />
    <region url="charlottetown" name="Charlottetown" />
 <nation url="ireland" name="Ireland">
    <region url="cork" name="Cork"/>
    <region url="dublin" name="Dublin"/>
    <region url="galway" name="Galway"/>
    <region url="limerick" name="Limerick"/>
    <region url="waterford" name="Waterford"/>

Thanks for any help

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"Better" in what respect? Maybe try codereview.stackexchange.com? –  deceze Jul 4 '11 at 2:06
more efficient and/or cleaner code. I'm not happy with the requirement of the unset. –  Brad Jul 4 '11 at 2:08

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function List($input) {
    $list = simplexml_load_string($input);

    // guarantee fixed output format
    $out = array('regions' => array(), 'nations' => array());

    foreach ($list->nation as $nation){
        foreach ($nation->region as $region){
            $out['regions'][] = array(
                'url'    => $region['url'],
                'name'   => $region['name'],
                'nation' => $nation['name']

        $out['nations'][] = array(
            'url'  => $nation['url'],
            'name' => $nation['name']

    return $out;        
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Why didn't I think of it that way! I added (string) to the output so that it was not an simple xml object anymore.. but your code works perfectly other than that! And is clean! –  Brad Jul 4 '11 at 7:31

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