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how to run the same code with many files(different file name in same directory) in matlab?

I have written a function with definition:

function deleteEmpty(fileName)

Normally when I want to execute the function, in the command window I type:

>> deleteEmpty('C:\Documents and Settings\matlab\**myFile**.xls')

However, I have many files that need to be run through this function. Does that mean I need to copy and paste the filename and execute the function each time?

Is there any faster way or code to process all my files?

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how have you stored all your filenames? As a struct? As a cell? Plain text file? –  Lorem Ipsum Jul 4 '11 at 3:54
the filenames are stored as .xls file type... –  noob Jul 4 '11 at 5:36
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Here is a convenient solution to call your function on several files:

%# build a list of file names with absolute path
fPath = uigetdir('.', 'Select directory containing XLS files');
if fPath==0, error('no folder selected'), end
fNames = dir( fullfile(fPath,'*.xls') );
fNames = strcat(fPath, filesep, {fNames.name});

%# process each file
for i=1:length(fNames)
    out = deleteEmpty(fNames{i});
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Thanks Amro...just comments to remove 'out='..the code run well for me..cheers... –  noob Jul 5 '11 at 1:18
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A typical way to do this would be to create a wrapper function (or script), which would access the file names in the xls file, and iterate through each of them, running deleteEmpty for each filename.

See in particular xlsread.

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%Create the paths to each file as a cell array
path = {'c:', 'Documents and Settings', 'matlab'};
fileNames = {'foo.xls', 'bar.xls', 'baz.xls', 'quux.xls'};
fullFileNames = cellfun(@(f) fullfile(path{:}, f), fileNames, 'UniformOutput', false);

% Loop over files, calling deleteEmpty for each. 
cellfun(@deleteEmpty, fileNames);
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