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vim + ctags works well for C projects, since C does not allow function overloading and, in general encourages manual prefixing of symbols due to rudimentary scoping facilities.

In C++, functions are frequently overloaded, and overridden in subclasses. This makes vim always jump to the tag in the wrong class on "Ctrl + ]". Is there a way to make it behave a little more intelligently? I know I can bring a list with tag alternatives, but that's insanely annoying to always have to bring up this list, and find a needed tag by number whenever I want to jump to definition.

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Would love to see a useful solution to this problem. I am less affected by this now I use Viemu more and more, but it still gets me when I switch to non VC projects. – RedBlueThing Mar 18 '09 at 1:55
Great question, I'd like to know the answer to this too. – Dan Mar 18 '09 at 2:49

There is also "tagNext" to move to the next tag (or :tn<enter>)

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I know two workarounds for your porblem ( it seems you knew it too ):

  • Use :tselect and tag name or g] with cursor on tag for get list of matched tags and goto on tag by number from list;
  • map :tnext or :tprev on hotkeys ( I've mapped on F6 and F7 ) and find needed function manualy;
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You can use my script which will help you to select tag you need by typing some letters of the class name or special tags like 'field', 'function', 'constructor', etc.

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I use tjump a lot. It supports tab completion which is helpful. If multiple tags are found, it will give a list for you to select from, if only one is found, it will jump right to the tag (unlike tselect).


:tj foo
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