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I tried adding custom entries in the exif dictionaries I received from an image. This didn't work. I'm assuming this is due to the fact exif is a standard that is already defined.

Basically I am trying to create a metadata tag that can be placed in jpegs that will have no character limit.

I read that XMP metadata tags do not have character limits. Is this true? If so how would I create these on the iPhone?

Thank you.

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Are you trying to do this with objective-c in an app your building? I am trying to understand the method in which you want to add the metadata to an image. – ezekielDFM Jun 7 '12 at 18:46

I'm not sure what you've all tried code wise, but Caffeinated Cocoa has a pretty good blog entry on Image Metadata that I've used in an application for a client a while ago that might help you.

Also, the SO post Problem setting exif data for an image looks like it references the Caffeinated Cocoa. Although this question is a little over a year old, it still might help.

Try giving these a shot.

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