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I have one question to ask on Algorithms. I have been asked to write the algorithm on this: Not asking you to write the algo for me, but just let me know the efficient process what I need to do:

There is an array of n elements like the book or contents of Bible, and Suppose you have inserted a input string "Gaurav Agarwal" in that. What you want to do you need to fetch unique elements that are present in the array for that String. Just an algorithm how you will proceed further (unsorted)

If you did not understand then let me know and I will try to help on this.

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One good way to find duplicates in an unsorted array is to sort it based on the string elements, therefore the algorithm for your homework question would be:

  1. Sort the array
  2. check your array for existence of "Gaurav Agarwal". Since it is sorted, neighboring elements would be the same string, and what you need to do then is to keep a counter and increment it until you find the first array element that is not equal to the string you're looking for
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There was 100000 elements in an array already defined .and you need to find the input string unique elements from that array if those are present in the big array , –  gaurav Jul 4 '11 at 6:18

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