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i have use the DateTime control that show only time in my design view in PM, Am format and user select only time from that one. i am using a column name timeFrom which i delcare a dataType time(7) in my mssql database. i can save it easily into the database as

objBookingModel.settimeFrom(timeFrom.getHours() + ":"
                + timeFrom.getMinutes() + ":" + timeFrom.getSeconds());

Suppose i enter 10:54:44 pm in the design view it is stored in the database as 22:54:44. now please Help how to format 22:54:44 as 10:54:44 PM when i want to show back it in design view from the databse. should i have to use timefrom.setTime( );?

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Time time; // you have this from your Database query
DateTime dateTime; // you have this already or will create a new one

Calendar calendar = Calendar.getInstance();
dateTime.setTime(calendar.get(Calendar.HOUR), calendar.get(Calendar.MINUTE),calendar.get(Calendar.SECOND));

This one was the answer i worked with might be helpful to thers.................

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