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I have a Date date= "26/12/2007" which i want to compare with my date in sql: "26/12/2007 12:00:00"

like if i send date "26/12/2007" it should retrieve values against the date in mysql "26/12/2007 12:00:00"

It works if i remove this 12:00:00 ,but if i add 12:00:00 it gives no results

i am using Hibernate Criteria like

        criteria.add(Restrictions.like("dateinsql", date));

I tried using

         criteria.add(Restrictions.like("dateinsql", date,MatchMode.AnyWhere));

but it only works for String not Date.

Any solutions for that

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Basically you need to reformat your date variable's pattern, i.e., get its string format according to a specified date pattern and and then convert it back to date object."dd MMM yyyy" is the format that works for hibernate.

try this:-

    GregorianCalendar calendar = new GregorianCalendar();
    calendar.add(Calendar.DATE, 1); // this is needed to if you want to deal with 12 hrs difference.

    SimpleDateFormat sdf    =   new SimpleDateFormat("dd MMM yyyy");
    Date formattedDate = sdf.parse(org.apache.commons.lang.time.DateFormatUtils.format(calendar.getTime(),"dd MMM yyyy"));

Using this formatted date,

criteria.add(Restrictions.like("dateinsql", formattedDate ));

should work fine.

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Thanks, I tried this but no luck, the formatteddate i am getting with your code is : Mon Jul 04 00:00:00 EDT 2011 and in mySQL is :2011-07-04 12:31:39 , so i don't think it could match , any suggestion – junaidp Jul 4 '11 at 9:04
If you require to search within the 24 hrs range then use less than and greater than restrictions, i.e., criteria.add(Restrictions.ge ("dateinsql",formattedDate)).add(Restrictions.lt("dateinsql",currentDate));wher‌​e currentDate=sdf.parse(DateFormatUtils.format(your_input_date,"dd MMM yyyy")); This would give you a range of 24 hrs for ,say, jul 4 00:00 till july 5 00:00 – s khan Jul 4 '11 at 14:57
also try changing the format to the one you get in mySQL. – s khan Jul 4 '11 at 15:02

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