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i have a problem with sqlplus on windows batch. I have SQLPLUS 10.2

i'm trying to connect to a database through a windows script.cmd

script.cmd only launches : sqlplus test/Test@mydatabase @script.sql

The problem is when the database is not available, the sqlplus says

ORA-12541: TNS:no listener
Enter user-name : 

and waits for input .. and blocks the .cmd

How can i adapt the script to stop immediately when the database is not avaliable or just to avoid waiting for user prompts ?


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You can do sqlplus -l test/Test@mydatabase @script.sql; the -l flag means it will only try to connect once, and if it fails for any reason will exit instead of prompting. Look at the output of sqlplus -?, or see the documentation.

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may be you should think about using TNSPING utility. You can use it within CMD script before trying to connect to db with sqlplus. In this case you should analyse its output.

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You can try with 2 connects.

First one will spool result to a file.

In the second one check what is in that file. If you don't encounter ORA-12541 or any other error messages then call the second script.

You can make all these commands inside one batch script and call it with

SQLPLUS @script.sql

and inside use

connect test/Test@mydatabase
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