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I am using Hibernate with mysql I have a keyword in my java for which i need to retrieve record from MySQL

    Restrictions.like("resume Text", keyword, Match Mode.ANYWHERE));

when i send keyword as test it works ,when i send keyword as sample it works BUT when i send keyword as test,sample it fails,don't return any result.

Any Solution


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Bohemian is spot on but if you would have more than 2 or-clauses then you're probably better of using Disjunction (or) or Conjunction (and):

        Disjunction orClause = Restrictions.disjunction();
        orClause.add(Restrictions.like("resume Text", "test", Match Mode.ANYWHERE));
        orClause.add(Restrictions.like("resume Text", "test", Match Mode.ANYWHERE));
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thanks , you are right but what if a user enters sample,test in one keyword ,or even test,sample,test,test2 in search box , then how will i distribute one keyword into 4 and use 4 different clauses. – junaidp Jul 4 '11 at 10:56
easy, put orClause.add(...) in a for-loop for each comma separated value. – Stijn Geukens Jul 4 '11 at 11:30

You can't pass in multiple values to the single-valued value parameter of like.

Try using Restrictions.or to construct you logic, like this:

    Restrictions.like("resume Text", "test", Match Mode.ANYWHERE),
    Restrictions.like("resume Text", "sample", Match Mode.ANYWHERE)

Or use Restrictions.and instead, depending on the matching logic you are trying to achieve

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