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Is there any significant advantage of having queries as NamedQueries over the Entities? If not we could have it in the DAO itself. Kindly throw some ideas in this regard.

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The main advantage of using named queries is that Hibernate parses the queries at startup so any errors will detected quickly.

Named Query is very useful concept in hibernate. It lets you separate queries from coding section of the application to the mapping xml file(.hbm files). The query is given unique name for the entire application. The application can use the query by using the name of the query. This way the application is able to use the same query multiple times without writing the same query multiple times.

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Named queries provide a significant performance benefit, when the application requires repeated execution of the same query. The key concept to this is that every query, no matter what syntax you use to write them in your business tier (hibernate syntax for example), will end up (must end up) as a native query (i.e. a syntax that your database understands) in order to be executed. This tranformation is called compilation and is considered a time comsuming process. So the performance benefit comes from the fact that Named Queries are compiled to their native syntax once by hibernate and execute ever after, whereas dynamicaly created queries must be compiled every time to their native syntax, before their execution.

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