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So I am deserializing an object with BinaryFormatter. However, I've run into troubles. My serializing and deserializing have been working fine up until now. I've made numerous changes over the past week (but no major changes to the serialization process). Suddenly, though, some of my deserialized objects become null.

I have the following line of code:

objList = (List<ObjectItem>)info.GetValue("objlist", typeof(List<ObjectItem>));

When objList is deserialized, every ObjectItem stored in the list should be deserialized too. ObjectItem has the appropriate constructors and methods, and it implements ISerializable and is marked with the [Serializable()] attribute. For some reason now, when I execute the following code:

        foreach (ObjectItem objItm in objList)
            if (objItm == null)

objList is not null, however every ObjectItem is. When I saved, there were 3 ObjectItems stored in objList, and now they are all null, null, and null. What causes this? Please help.

Here's the constructor for ObjectItem:

public ObjectItem(SerializationInfo info, StreamingContext ctxt)
        : base()
        parent = MainGui.currentProject;
        this.Text = (string)info.GetValue("title", typeof(string));
        this.rootIndex = (int)info.GetValue("rootnodeindex", typeof(int));
        this.resources = (List<string>)info.GetValue("resources", typeof(List<string>));
        this.localVars = (Dictionary<string, string>)info.GetValue("localvars", typeof(Dictionary<string, string>));
        this.is3D = (bool)info.GetValue("is3d", typeof(bool));
        this.imagepath = (string)info.GetValue("imagepath", typeof(string));
        refnodetxt = new List<string>();
        refnodetxt = (List<string>)info.GetValue("refnodetxt", typeof(List<string>));
        //this.x = (int)info.GetValue("x", typeof(int));
        //this.y = (int)info.GetValue("y", typeof(int));
        if (rootNode != null)
            foreach (TreeNode node in rootNode.Nodes)
                if (node != null)

And getobjectData():

public void GetObjectData(SerializationInfo info, StreamingContext ctxt)
        info.AddValue("title", this.Text);
        info.AddValue("rootnodeindex", this.rootIndex);
        info.AddValue("resources", this.resources);
        info.AddValue("is3d", this.is3D);
        info.AddValue("imagepath", this.imagepath);
        info.AddValue("localvars", this.localVars);
        refnodetxt = new List<string>();
        foreach(TreeNode node in refNodes){
        info.AddValue("refnodetxt", refnodetxt);
        //info.AddValue("x", this.x);
        //info.AddValue("y", this.y);


If I try to put a MessageBox.Show() in the constructor of ObjectItem, nothing shows up (the MessageBox does not fire.)

So in other words, the ObjectItems aren't even being deserialized at all. I don't suppose this has anything to do with serialization (getObjectData())?

EDIT: New info,

If I serialize 1 ObjectItem in the list, suddenly it works?

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suggest you to post the serialization code for relevant types. – VinayC Jul 4 '11 at 8:18
What happens when you save new list and try to load that? – svick Jul 4 '11 at 8:22
Most likely issue is that something in the objitems object heirarchy has changed, and the serialisation of that is returning you a null entry somewhere. The standard question: what has changed of relevance? – Schroedingers Cat Jul 4 '11 at 8:31

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