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Can someone tell me how to get path geometry from a WPF FlowDocument object? Please note that I do not want to use FormattedText. Thanks.

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You gotta reword that. It doesn't make sense. –  Will Sep 16 '08 at 11:20

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A FlowDocument can be viewed in any number of ways, but a Path is a fixed shape. I think maybe you really want some simplified, visual-only form of a FlowDocument's contents.

In that case you might try converting the FlowDocument to an XPS FixedDocument - the FixedPages have Canvases containing a bunch of Paths and Glyphs.

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Get the Text property of a TextRange object initialized over the entire FlowDocument:

FlowDocument myFlowDocument = new FlowDocument();  //get your FlowDocument

//put in some (or it already has) text
string inText = "Hello, WPF World!";
TextRange tr = new TextRange(FlowDocument.ContentStart, FlowDocument.ContentEnd);
tr.Text = inText;

//get the current text out of the FlowDocument
TextRange trPrime = new TextRange(FlowDocument.ContentStart, FlowDocument.ContentEnd);
string outText = trPrime.Text;

//now outText == "Hello, WPF World!";

//to get formatting, looks like you would use myFlowDocument.TextEffects
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This doesn't seem to be exactly what we're after. I'd like Path information, not just text. I'm not interested in using FormattedText as a converter. –  Dmitri Nesteruk Dec 4 '08 at 17:11

Can you use

ChildVisual = VisualTreeHelper.GetChild(Visual yourVisual)

Dunno if you can take a Visual and turn it into a path geometry..

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