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With the driver Java Mongodb, I am looking for a way to return just restricted fields with a find() or findOne(). For example, I have a collection "people" with fields : "id", "name", "surname", "address", "city"... and I just want to return "name" and "surname"

I searched on the Web and I just found this example of code Java Mongodb :

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You can pass another DBObject with the names of the fields and pass it here:

cur = coll.find(new BasicDBObject("id", 6655), your_dbobject_with_field_names);

Here is the API documentation

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OK that's it, it seems we have to return min. 2 fields... this.dbcoll = this.db.getCollection("people"); DBCursor cursor = this.dbcoll.find(new BasicDBObject(), new BasicDBObject("name", "surname")); –  kozher Jul 4 '11 at 8:40
I think you'd do BasicDBObjectBuilder.start().add("name",1).add("surname",1).get() –  lobster1234 Jul 4 '11 at 9:03

If you are using Java Driver 3.1, you can use Projections:

collection.find().projection(Projections.include("name", "surname"));
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This codes will handle your problem.(java driver 3.0.2)

 BasicDBObject fields = new BasicDBObject();
 //fields.put("_id", 0);
 fields.put("title", 0);

 DBCursor cursor = collection.find(new BasicDBObject(),fields).sort(new BasicDBObject("_id", 1));
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