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I'm developing a very small cms kind of thing. So far I have a page controller that lets you add pages. And there is a frontend controller. All calls are received by the frontend controller and respective page is displayed. Now I want to allow some custom tags while creating a page. I am using CKEditor and I want that while creating a page user gives a tag like <!--cmsform_printform--> and this tag will print printform method of cmsform controller.

For this I have created a controller cmsform that has a method printform. In my fronend controller I have created a method replace_tags that searches tags and then call respective controller and method.

But now I realized that my logic was false because I should not load a controller in another controller. I can't think of anyother logic. Please someone guide me or redirect me to a good codeigniter tutorial that explains this.


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Have you tried writing a helper instead? The functionality you describe sounds more like a helper method than a controller action.

CI manual in their site lists several excellent video tutorials, notably the ones published on NetTuts+. You might want to have a look, if you haven't already. Also, please do search CI forums. They contain plenty of information on pretty much any CI-related topic.

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Thanks for reply. I tried helper functions. helper function helped me though but i think i should use helper function when i need to return some simple html.My situation is bit different. Admin will create a form from admin section. He will choose fields and lables and a form named XYZ will be created and CMS will generate a tag for that form. And when admin will place that tag while creating a page,that tag will be replaced with form. something like cforms in wordpress. want addon feature like wordpress or other big CMSes. – mysterious Jul 4 '11 at 10:19
I see. I use Zend Framework on a daily basis and there's a neat function for calling controller actions anywhere, which I often use for, e.g., dynamic display of appropriate menu items across different controller actions. It's odd that CI doesn't offer such functionality, as it's indicated in this thread: :( – mingos Jul 4 '11 at 11:22

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