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I ran InstallSqlState.sql from .Net Framework 4.0 directory in Sql Server. Then I configured Sql session using this:

<sessionState mode="SQLServer" stateConnectionString="tcpip="       
    sqlConnectionString = "data source=localhost; user id=sa; password="       
    cookieless="false" timeout="20" />

When I store something in Session it works! Even SessionId can be session in Session object. So I became happy because without any error it started working. So to purposefully bring some error I removed this

stateConnectionString = "tcpip="           
sqlConnectionString = "data source=localhost; user id=sa; password="

Now all it knows is that the mode is SqlServer but no connection string and no username and password. But still it works! How is this possible? How can I know whether my state is configured properly or not? Whatever parameter I give it always works. Can anybody tell me what is happening here and what should I do if I want to see the contents of a particular user's session in SQL Server.

Thanks in advance :)

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Your server is localhost, your own machine, which is used as the default server. Also when you specify no userid/password it defaults to using a MS "trusted connection", which again works as you work on your local machine.

To create an error either change the IP-address or the username/password combo.

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