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I'm trying to install Moles (without Pex, since Pex is only available for free for non-commercial purposes) using the downloads found here (that's the x86 version, I've tried the x64 version as well).

The installer(s) run without errors, and inform me that Moles have been installed correctly. But when I start Visual Studio, I see no trace that this add-in should be installed. It doesn't show up among the installed extensions in Extension manager, and I can't add any Moles items into my projects.

Is there some installation step that I'm missing here?

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As far as I remember, Moles will not show up in Extension Manager (it is a VS 2010 goodness which many plugins don't support). –  Dan Abramov Jul 4 '11 at 9:15

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To check if moles is installed go to:

--> Help --> About Microsoft Visual Studio

If it is in the list, it is installed. To use moles you have to create a test project and go to the reference in the test project you want to mole. Right click and Add Moles Assembly.

I see some posts of VS.NET SP1 with moles. So installing is possible.

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Ha! It turns out that Moles was installed after all =) What threw me off was that going to the assembly and selecting "Add moles assembly" isn't at all the way they do it in some screencasts... –  Tomas Lycken Jul 4 '11 at 9:55
It seems this question was solved. I have some follow-up questions (since I'm still stuck) but I figured they were so independent of this that they merited their own question. Feel free to take a look at it =) –  Tomas Lycken Jul 4 '11 at 10:03

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