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I want to add items to a still existing SharePoint list by self-coding.

So I searched the internet and found a lot of information how to create lists, add items and so on..

SPWeb mySite = SPContext.Current.Web;
SPListItemCollection listItems = mySite.Lists[TextBox1.Text].Items;
SPListItem item = listItems.Add();

The coding seems easy, but where i have to put the code? I programmed Web Parts and deployed these to my web application. This was no problem, but here i am missing an approach.

I am using VisualStudion 2008 and SharePoint WSS 3.0

Thank you for any help.

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The answer depends on what you are trying to accomplish. You may be moving data from another system or adding some cross-site automation from within SharePoint. Tell us what you are trying to accomplish. –  GlennFerrie Jul 4 '11 at 18:38

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It depends on the purpose - why are you doing this?

  • Do you have one specific list where you (as the owner/administrator) need to create items and this has to be done only once? If yes, then you can do it with Powershell, as in this Karine Bosch's post.
  • If you need your users to be able to add items to list using program code, then web parts is the way to go. Then you will want to build a nice user interface for that webpart. And then you can deploy your webpart to your server, create a page in your site and add the webpart to the page.
  • If you need to create the new list item as soon as something else happens (for instance, a list item is created in some other list, then think of event handlers.
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SPWeb app = SPContext.Current.Web;
SPList ListName = app.Lists["YourListName"];
SPListItem ListItem = ListName.Items.Add();
ListItem["field1Name"] = value;
ListItem["field2Name"] = value;
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i agree with your code. thanks –  Fabian Jul 4 '11 at 12:48

you are doing some modification on site ...so after that we need to update the site ..Use ListItem.update();

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thank you for your answers. –  Fabian Jul 4 '11 at 12:44
I'll do mysite.update(), but on which file i have to include the code? is there an existing file? –  Fabian Jul 4 '11 at 12:47

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