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I have a system where I only have osql available (SQL2K Express). I execute queries and at one moment it stopped displaying any results. It seems that actually it does not execute the queries (because an erroneous script does not show an error). I do:

osql -E
use <dbname>;
select top 1 * from SomeTable;

If I write "go" without the training ";", is displays one error for each time I written a "go" without the training ";" during current "session";

Restarting osql does not help.

Any clue anyone?

Thanks, florin

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It seems that there is a "reset" command in osql. Using it makes it work again. Don't know what actually caused it to have that behavior in the 1st place. Next time I will RTFM...

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this worked for me: osql -E use <dbname>; go select top 1 * from SomeTable; go the error is that go does not need a semicolon, not sure what you mean by reset tho. – Doctor DOS May 21 '12 at 13:38

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