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if(e.FN === ' ' && e.GN === ' ' && e.LN === ' ' && e.DB === ' '){

This condition is never evaluated at all. Is this the way to check if all the values are null.

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What do you mean "condition is never evaluated"? Do you mean, it never evaluates to true? You may want to use if(!e.FN && !e.GN && !e.LN && !e.DB) { ... } – Aleks G Jul 4 '11 at 11:06
@Aleks if he wanted all of the operands evaluated, the use of a single & would work. if(e.FN === null & e.GN === null & e.LN === null & e.DB === null) and is much more readable. – Zoidberg Jul 4 '11 at 11:08
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Right now you are checking if those values are all equal to a Space. The === not only compares the values but ensures they are the same type. However, if e.FN is null both e.FN == ' ' and e.FN === ' " will always return false. I think what you want is

if(e.FN === null && e.GN === null && e.LN === null && e.DB === null)

or even better, if you don't care if they are null, undefined or 0 you could do

if(e.FN && e.GN && e.LN && e.DB)
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if(e.FN === null && e.GN === null && e.LN === null && e.DB === null){  
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To check if all the values are null you should do:

if(e.FN === null && e.GN === null && e.LN === null && e.DB === null){

if the first value is not null javascript doesn't evaluate other condition, because if the first condition is false it's not possible for all the conditions to be true.

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